Global Executive Council Service

Employment For Adults

Milestone Program

The Milestone Program is the cornerstone program of the GEC that assist individual with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining community-based competitive employment and measures success at 15, 45, and 90 days of competitive employment.
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Designated Activities Include


Assess the individual through observation of job readiness, transferable skills, social and personal characteristics, vocational interest, employment preference and retention, and coping skills.

Job Coaching

Support an individual in maintaining a satisfactory workout once employed.

Job Development and Placement

Job match techniques and assist the individual in identifying specific tasks and jobs that are available and accessible in the community.

Job Retention

Provided to the customer those needs training, monitoring, or job coaching for specific tasks associated with the job. Services may also involve working with the employer, co-workers, and family members to enhance job stability and job-related skills.

Income Guidelines

Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
30 Day Gross Income $2,265 $3,052 $3,838 $4,625 $5,412 $6,198 $6,985 $7,324