Global Executive Council Service

Community Development Program

Developing the community for better tomorrow

Community development training programs help to make communities stronger and more sustainable. This service focuses on job options and career counseling. Its primary goal is to promote the well-being of the people in the Chicago region by broadening their understanding of civic involvement to include a wide variety of formal and informal practices. We also provide young people with the chance to express their views to influence policy and create progressive change.

A Little Help Can Make A Big Change

Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

Our Volunteer and Internship program exposes individuals to work at various Offices or aspects around the region. The program permits high school and college students to voluntarily participate in a cooperative learning environment in multiple offices or community service projects or activities.

Civic Advocacy & Activism

Civic engagement entails influencing positive change for the greater benefit. Advocacy contributes to this goal by sharing your views with others to change their thinking and conduct. The GEC offers students who engage in advocacy and activism legally, securely, and successfully.

Early Childhood Care Education

The early phases of a child's development are vital since they gain critical social and emotional abilities. The goal of GFC is to give tools to children and parents to help them develop the cognitive, emotional, and social abilities required to become lifelong learners.


Income Guidelines

Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
30 Day Gross Income $2,265 $3,052 $3,838 $4,625 $5,412 $6,198 $6,985 $7,324